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About Geneva

Hello world! In case it wasn't obvious already, my name is Geneva Guerrieri. I made this website, along with the accompanying social platforms to share my ambitions with the world, boost my business acumen and of course impress prospective employers. This is an on-going project for me, but who knows where it could lead!

I'm a final year student at Bournemouth University studying Marketing Communications with ambitions to enter the world of consultancy, specialising in the Entertainment and Media Industry. I've recently accepted a place to study Msc Management at Imperial College Business School with aims to equip me with the relevant skills and contacts for a career in management consultancy.

Since starting university I have always been on the hunt for opportunities that can enhance my employability skills so I can better my chances in the job market when I graduate. You can explore my CV in more detail via my LinkedIn Page, otherwise feel free to browse around, check out my blog and look at some of the work I've been involved with!

-  Geneva