Global entrepreneurship week with IoD's YDF!

*DISCLAIMER* This post contains a lot of abbreviations.

Last month I had the fantastic opportunity to work with the Institute of Directors' Young Directors Forum and the Energy Institute's Young Professionals Network to host a conference as part of Global Entrepreneurship week 2016!

The event was a great success which featured the following speakers:

  • Archie Wilkinson - Head of Pavegen LIVE, turning "footsteps into electricity"
  • Hamish Watson – Founder of PolySolar creators and manufacturers of photovoltaic glass
  • Rukes Ahmed - Head of Power, Gas, Carbon & Coal, Thomson Reuters
  • Lord Bilimoria - Entrepreneur, founder and chairman of Cobra Beer

How did I get involved?

Well, this dates back to September 2016 when I approached YDF as an enthusiastic marketing student looking to get involved in one way or another so I'm able to expand my network and skill set.  Simple as that.

Then one of the committee members from YDF got back to me about helping with the marketing for their up coming conference with the Energy institute, as part of #GEW2016 and I was literally like...

What exactly did I do?

The first thing I did was create a proposal which I sent out to the YDF committee members, outlining my proposed strategy, objectives and tactics for the build up to the event. A lot of it involved the use of social media where I was co-managing the twitter account @iod_ydflondon.

With the twitter account I posted at least 2 tweets a day during prime commuting hours (as this is when most people were looking, doing the typical scroll up and down activity). My tweets were 50% CTA with a link to the event page and 50% brand engagement with YDF itself. I also created weekly twitter reports so I was able to monitor and track the process of the overall campaign, ensuring we're on track to achieve our objectives and whether we needed to change the way we are communicating on twitter.

I also thought of ideas of what we could do on the night of the conference, and one of them involved doing mini interviews with the guests and the speakers. The interviews can be used for future promotional material for YDF as a video asset which can be used for social media communications.

The end result?

This event was amongst the highest attended event organised by IoD YDF, the attendees had a great time, the speakers had a great time and I enjoyed every step of the way!

I hope to work with IoD YDF in the future!